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While trying to keep up with the new way of life, man stayed away from many things that satiated his soul.
With the necessity of technology, he learned to distract himself a little bit in virtual environments.
But he was confused on the way to find the medicine of his soul. He just lingered, only learned to fill time.
For a long time he saw the four walls and his true identity in the mirror. He was sad, delighted, worried ...

In fact, only his soul was hungry. This was a hunger rush. He had to see and share beyond the visible.

He should have shown some of his feelings, some of his views with colors where words are crowded.
It was rhythm, passion, a means of communication. It was the "breathing" of your soul.

Welcome to the "BREATH" exhibition, which includes the subjects we inspire and symbolizes the touch of art to the soul!


Our virtual tour exhibition is open until February 13th. Take a deep BREATH!

Virtual tour in 3D gallery ended on Feb 13th, 2021. You can find the exhibition catalog below.

"The rights to copy, reproduce, distribute or use the related content of the related art work and the related content of the artwork belong to the artist. It is published in Fovart with the permission of the artist. Written permission from the artist is required to perform the above-mentioned acts."

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