FovArt Original Work Return Policy


Our artists present their original and signed works to the taste of art lovers and deliver their works by signing a certificate of originality.

It is not possible to return these collectible items in the category of artworks after receiving the certificate of originality.

However, it can be resold in accordance with the conditions of use and rights sharing provided on the back of the artist's permission or the certificate of originality.

Refunds are only possible for works that have been booked and not yet received.

It is possible to purchase a collection product as an order. In this process, a prepayment meeting is made and 20% of the total fee is received. In case of cancellation of the order, there is no refund of the prepayment amount.

You can purchase the work you want to buy by examining it in our workshop beforehand. If the original works are sent by courier, all responsibility belongs to the buyer who created the request.

You can contact for all your questions.