Erdal Kara


He was born in 1974 in Istanbul. He graduated from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Painting Department in 1997.

He completed his master's degree in MSGSÜ Painting Department in 2001 and received his proficiency in art in 2011.

He is still working as a lecturer at MSGSÜ.


The works in this exhibition consist of figurative and abstract groups made in different periods.

The works are based on a lyrical basis in which emotional expression is presented both technically and stylistically.

Pegasus, the symbol of life that started again in mythology, appears in the paintings as a reflection of the winged horse form, freedom and renewal in life. The paint technique, which consists of comfortable and instant brush movements, combines form and content, adding vitality to the paintings. Each picture reflects another emotional state.

Lyrical abstract works, benefiting from the vibrational structure created by color, tone and painting technique; it creates an intuitive, emotional and poetic expression. It becomes evident as a contemporary reflection of traditional abstract expressionism. The viewer is confronted with the energetic reflections of these pictures that have emerged in the natural flow of the creative process.

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