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Nastya Hasan


Born,Ukraine in 1984. Nastya Hasan has carved a niche for herself in the contemporary art world, not just through her academic credentials but through her profound, lived experiences. Having laid her foundational stones at Donetsk Art College, graduating in 1999, and further honing her skills at the Kharkov Academy of Design and Arts with a specialization in Easel Painting by 2010.

The tumultuous political landscape of her homeland served as a reluctant muse, pausing her artistic expression for years. Yet, it was perhaps this very interregnum that distilled her vision, allowing Hasan to emerge not merely as a painter but as a chronicler of transient realities. Her oeuvre, now cherished in private collections globally, bears witness to a creative odyssey ignited just a few years ago.


"The narrative of Nastya Hasan is one of resilience and rebirth. The echoes of war that ravaged Donetsk in 2014, and once again shadowed her doorstep thereafter, inadvertently became the crucible for her artistic identity. This period of strife and displacement led Hasan to a phase of introspective exploration, where she meticulously refined her figurative and technical lexicon, shedding any superfluous elements to unveil a unique visual language that transcends the ordinary.

Her canvases invite viewers into an ostensibly familiar world, only to subtly unravel into something more profound, a gateway to an Altered Reality. Hasan's adept manipulation of dual frames conjures a cinematic illusion, where seemingly parallel realities diverge, engaging the observer in a dialogue between the visible and the invisible.

The motifs of boundless grass fields, rendered with such dexterity that one can almost sense the caress of a gentle breeze, become a leitmotif in Hasan's work. These landscapes, whether adorned with additional greenery, solitary figures, or the singular presence of inanimate objects, are often set against the dramatic backdrop of a night sky, their essence accentuated through masterful plays of light and shadow, and occasional geometric intrusions.

Nastya Hasan's art, much like a cryptic camera obscura, offers a voyeuristic journey into a realm that is at once introspective and universal. Her ability to capture solitude, tinged with a melancholic beauty reminiscent of Edward Hopper's work, invites art aficionados into a poetic introspection that is both rare and enriching. Through her unique lens, Hasan not only shares her vision but also bestows upon her audience the privilege of witnessing the sublime interplay between reality and imagination." Art critic from Newyork.

Personal Exhibition

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