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The Text of this Agreement has been drafted by FovArt Art Gallery ("FovArt"), acting as the sales officer, in order to make explanations and inform the customers / users of the original work. Items no 2,3,4,5,6 of this informative text are delivered to the collector in the certificate of originality prepared by the Fovart Art Gallery as “Sales Manager”.

1. Original Work

1.1. Original paintings are the work that the artist has obtained as a result of his own design and imagination, and they are referred to as works. Original works are delivered with a certificate of originality and warnings about the protection of the work are explained in this document. This document is a contract between the collector and the owner of the work.

1.2. Original works are not considered as property but are not subject to return after purchase. The collector is obliged to convey any questions to Fovart before purchasing the work, and Fovart is obliged to answer these questions. The collector is encouraged to see and buy the work first.

1.3. In cases where it is not possible for the collector to purchase the work visually, the collector may request to purchase the work remotely. Based on this request, Fovart can deliver the work to the address by hand, delivery to the address, courier or cargo. Fovart is responsible for the packaging of the product during this shipment and is not liable for any damages that may occur during transportation. If the collector accepts this condition, this delivery method is chosen.

1.4. The request to withdraw from the purchase of original works is valid only before the work is paid, sent by cargo or delivered by appointment. The collector is contacted so that this issue can proceed transparently.

2. Artifact Protection

2.1. Protect the work from direct sunlight and moisture. Remove dust by wiping with a lint-free cloth or with a light vacuum.

3. Renting Artwork

3.1. If the collector is entitled to receive any amount as rental or other fee for the use of the work in a public exhibition, the collector will pay 50% of this money to the artist within 30 days of the date on which he is entitled to receive the money.

4. Repairs

4.1. The collector undertakes to consult the artist before starting any repair or restoration in the event of any damage to the work, and if possible, the artist will be given the opportunity to make the necessary repair and restoration.

5. Non Destruction

5.1. The collector undertakes that he will not destroy, distort, alter or modify the work in any way.

6. Future Times

6.1. The value increase for the work is calculated over the income to be obtained through the insurance compensation to be obtained by the collector reselling, transferring, donating, bartering, inheritance or inheritance or destruction of the work. The collector undertakes to pay 15% of the income to the owner of the work within 30 days of receiving the payment in cases where the increase in value occurs.

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