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İlayda Ersalan

İlayda Ersalan


She was born in Adana in 1995. She completed her first graduate degree in Industrial Product Design at Yeditepe University between 2013-2018. She had courses lithography, woodcut and oil painting classes, and addition to those she had classes such as World Cinema History and Turkish Cinema History.

Between 2018-2022, she completed her second graduate degree at Marmara University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Painting. During this period, she continued to produce oil paintings by doing an internship at Mustafa Ozel's Altamira Atelier. She cretes her artworks with various disciplines as charcoal, watercolor, oil painting, collage, photography, video, digital collage and digital paintings. Her concepts of interest are; memory, infancy, mother-infant relationship, contact and the psychological effects of the past memory on people.

She still works on new creations on her own studio in Istanbul.


2022 - Smallart XIII Small Artworks Group Exhibition / İzmir

2022 - “Praise Us" Group Exhibition / Ankara

2022 - Fovart Gallery “Global Union2022” Online Group Exhibition                                                          

2022 - We are Students “Eraser” Group Exhibition / İstanbul

2022 - BASE “Trace and Communication” Group Exhibition/ İstanbul

2021 - Marmara Üniversitesi “Sub Memory Expansion” Group Exhibition / İstanbul

2020 - “Online Art Project” Online Group Exhibition

2020 - “Portfolyou Art Project” Online Group Exhibition



"The first place I encountered the concept of ‘being us’ in my life was Karataş in Adana, where my mother lived. Over the years, I have witnessed the change in the concept of us there. Because the togetherness in the past turned into individualization over time. Karataş Series are pictorial images of photographs taken in Karataş and belonging to the past. Here, images become obscure as symbols of the loss of the concept of us in the past."



"These are cats that exist in my life. I know some of them very well from my daily life. Sometimes they exist in my life for a short time period during a coffee break in a coffee shop. "



“Memory forms the basis of our understanding of the world and our sense of personal identity. The reason of being individual is mostly what we learn and remember.”

Based on this information, I focus on my own memories and paint these paintings by senses of blurring or changing memories. Although my painting process progresses as a personal work, it becomes impersonal as the paintings become more abstract over time. My aim is to make the audience to think about how they feel when they see the images of my memories. I use images that I choose from old photographs and video records."

"The rights to copy, reproduce, distribute or use the related content of the related art work and the related content of the artwork belong to the artist. It is published in Fovart with the permission of the artist. Written permission from the artist is required to perform the above-mentioned acts."

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