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" The Jealousy Within You Has Grown "

Symbolism is an approach that reflects emotions and ideas rather than objectively representing our daily lives .
Fovart Artists prepared an exhibition within this scope.

In this exhibition, we examine the feeling of jealousy that always clings to the existence of living things. This feeling comes from existence, sometimes turns into cruelty, sometimes turns into love and passion; but it stays up to date with its transformations.
Fovart artists interpret this inseparable feeling in their own style and present their inner journeys.  

Art unites and beautifies the soul.
Please explore and enjoy !

"The rights to copy, reproduce, distribute or use the related content of the related art work and the related content of the artwork belong to the artist. It is published in Fovart with the permission of the artist. Written permission from the artist is required to perform the above-mentioned acts."


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