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April Dawes


April Dawes is a figurative artist from Oklahoma, USA. She studied painting and graphic design at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma, graduating with a BFA in 1999.


Following a 13 year break from creating, in order to focus on raising her 3 children, April is actively pursuing her art career with a renewed sense of passion and purpose. Currently a full-time studio artist, she spends most of her time painting in her backyard studio, continuously striving to learn, improve technique and strengthen her artistic voice.


April creates figurative oil paintings that focus on themes of identity relating to the human condition. Through the expressive and emotive nature of the human form, she explores the impact of key life experiences, limitations and characteristics on the shaping of personal identities, with the aim of creating an emotional connection with viewer.

"The rights to copy, reproduce, distribute or use the related content of the related art work and the related content of the artwork belong to the artist. It is published in Fovart with the permission of the artist. Written permission from the artist is required to perform the above-mentioned acts."


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