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Artist Interviews


Could you introduce yourself a little?

I graduated from Marmara University, Department of Economics. I started studying painting at Mustafa Private Atelier in 2015. I had the chance to develop my talent for painting in the right workshop and over time I got my own palette. I will continue to paint, exhibit and share all my life.


Are you open to criticism?

I care about the profile of the person or institution making the criticism. At the same time, I take into account the comments, criticisms and views from all walks of life.


How do you decide on the content of your work?

I take lots of photos with the thought that I can draw. After looking at the frame, light, colors and effect, I archive it. I decide on a photo I want to paint with my current feeling and start painting on the canvas.


What do you think the picture tells?

Describes the positive or negative emotion that the relationship of colors conveys to the viewer. You can see the painter's personality, mind, and the audience he will address in his painting. It tells life, touching people with a brush, liking, valuing someone else's doing.


How would you describe the art of painting?

It means expressing oneself, reaching out, sharing beauty, showing the infinity of colors, making you feel, relieving pain, treating, being treated, making your time valuable, leaving traces of yourself.


What do you think about painting with order?

Except for portraits, I am not very willing to paint by order. The feeling of being restricted to the subject makes painting difficult.


Which channels do you promote your pictures?

Individual exhibition, group exhibitions, instagram, online art galleries.


What do you think of those who say I can do this picture too?

I don't think about it. Maybe he can.


When did you start painting?

I started painting in my childhood. To understand the picture, in 2015 at Mustafa Private Atelier ...


What kind of pictures do you make?

I cannot say I am a portrait, figure or landscape painter. I aim for anyone who has no interest in painting to like what they see. For this reason, I do not focus on a certain segment, group or subject while drawing my paintings.

I paint by mixing the objects and areas in the visuals that I love and impress, pictorial and photographed by me, in a proportion that I feel abstract and concrete.


Who are the painters you love and take as an example?

Pablo Picasso, Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh, Piet Mondrian, Paul Gauguin and of course Mustafa Özel.


What is your favorite picture and why?

I love all my paintings that I think I have finished. I work by thinking and focusing. First of all, I value time and effort.


Does painting require skill?

There must be talent, but I don't think it's enough alone. Reason and emotion cooperation is required. At the same time, it is necessary to keep up-to-date, research, and avoid new experiments.


Why should an original painting be taken?

The most obvious reason for choosing is the painter's reputation, his extraordinary life and expression. At the same time, I think that it will add value to the owner, it will feel special and of course it should be seen as an investment tool because its value will always increase.


During your painting education, is there any event that you cannot forget and that leaves an impression on you?

I have not encountered a very special event.


What kind of mood do you have while producing your pictures?

While painting, I feel my head relaxed and my mind emptied. I feel a different excitement in each of my works. It is a therapeutic activity for me. Sometimes I wake up and find myself at the easel. When I decide it is finished, I enjoy sitting in front of it with Turkish coffee and examining it for minutes :) Painting gives me peace of mind.


What materials do you paint using?

I usually work in oil on canvas. I create a composition using the photographs I took myself.

WhatsApp Image 2020-08-11 at

Which painters did you work with in your education?

I have been continuing with Mustafa Özel since 2015.

Gülnur Savaş Antay-2.jpeg

What is your favorite color to use? Why is that?

I do not focus on a single color, but I use shades of blue and green heavily. I like highlighting with white. I take the colors in my palette from nature. Peace, health, miracle, love, joy, excitement, friendship, in my opinion, all exist in nature in color.


What do you think about the prices of original and original paintings?

The price depends on the person who likes it or the buyer. The determining factors are too many. There is no limitation for me. The feeling of "just mine and original" increases the price. At the same time, the painter's popularity, his life, his expression style are the most important factors that determine the price.


Who should get your pictures?

Lovers and exhibitors ...


What are your recommendations for those who want to improve themselves in painting?

Long-term education, research, patience, hard work from the right channel. It is necessary to believe that it is an endless process. To be renewed, to make new experiments, to follow other artists and to always be open to learning, criticizing and sharing ...


We are very pleased to know you.

Thank you very much for your time.

You should definitely visit Gülnur Savaş Antay exhibition!

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