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Artist Interviews


Could you introduce yourself a little?

I am human and everything about human beings, I meet all of them.

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Are you open to criticism?

I am not open to criticism based on the fact that abstract painting is seen as too primitive, deformed, or even flawed compared to realism. I think painting is the transfer of the projection of the reality, of nature in its existing sense, onto the canvas, and the method of this is not imitating the reality. From this point of view, I am not open to criticisms based on painting, the ease of abstraction. Moreover, even the most realistic painting contains an abstraction in line with the painter's sensation. But I like the way my work is criticized in terms of form and technique, albeit challenging.


How do you decide on the content of your work?

There is no decision or anything, whatever I am at that moment, paint will also help him, so take care of what I do.


What do you think the picture tells?

Painting does not tell anything, it cannot be produced for a benefit. Marx calls it "Creative excess" for art. It can be used to gain a benefit after it has been created. Then there may be meaning as well, but this is not what that picture describes, but the conceptuality we have created in relation to the benefit we aim for.

On the other hand, the fact that the artist is ideological in every situation necessarily gives meaning to what he produces. Plekhanov; “We can think that even those who adopt the view that art is for art have an ideological concern. Those who perform art for themselves and keep them separate from society are necessarily those who have not reconciled with the society, and this is a rebellion against the society and order of their time. "

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How would you describe the art of painting?

Painting, starting from the simplest definition of art, is the act of revealing what has not yet existed and is not expected to exist, and it is the abstraction of the person who does it in it. Although the reference in this action is nature, that is, whatever we live (not just in the sense of stone or tree), the basis of painting is philosophy and mathematics. What we transfer to the canvas are roughly what our senses shape, and consciousness comes into play with the accumulation of philosophy and mathematics.

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What do you think about painting with order?

I can't, I shouldn't.


During your painting education, is there any event that you cannot forget and that leaves an impression on you?

It cannot be called an event, but it was interesting to see that all the ambitions, jealousies, unfounded passions, that is, the "bitter water", could not be restrained even while painting, that actually hurt him and hinder his creativity.

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What do you think of those who say I can do this picture too?



When did you start painting?

When I realize that I cannot do what is imposed on me as painting. I worked on ceramics for a long time, without drawing any patterns. Then the statue captivated my mind, it was said, "You have to draw a pattern." I had never painted anything other than childhood, but I couldn't. I think it was 2012 without any awareness, I started working with Mustafa Özel with the guidance of a friend, and I'm glad I did.

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What kind of pictures do you make?

Whatever I know, I'm trying to do the rest of it, show it.


Who are the painters you love and take as an example?

I can name a lot of favorites, from El Greco to Hieronymus Bosch, from Karen Apfel to Kiefer. What they all have in common is that they can do the unexpected.


What is your favorite picture and why?

I have no emotional connection to anything I do.


Does painting require skill?

Yes, definitely. It requires or should require the ability to transcend the existing without being easy to imitate, if this is what talent is meant to.


Why should an original painting be taken?

I don't know, should it be? If you are buying, I think it is the choice of the area.


What are your recommendations for those who want to improve themselves in painting?

Drawing the eye, ear, tree and mountain correctly is a craft, painting is an art. First, it is necessary to pass through this crossroads consciously. If craft is to be done, the way to do this is to work hard, to produce a lot. If painting is to be done, it is still hard work, but in another way. To read a lot, to become aware of our every deprivation of life and our possessions, to realize how we abstraction while sensing what we perceive, to accept it, maybe to correct it, maybe to improve it, to get involved with philosophy and mathematics, to create our own shapes and colors. It's a hard and long road.

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What kind of mood do you have while producing your pictures?

When I work, I get very nervous and nervous. Painting is a tense journey that I never enjoy, no matter where I go, it is reached by a terrible journey. In fact, most of the time when I started out, the form ended in my head, so the road is futile. I can't even imagine the situation of creating without tension. It is also very assertive to call what I do painting, I say painting.


What materials do you paint using?

I accept whatever material the form is conveyed, whatever it can be created with.

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Which painters did you work with in your education?

Mustafa Private


What is your favorite color to use? Why is that?

Red has nothing to do with consciousness, it is the color I love since my childhood, it has character, it does not stay on the shore, in the corner, anyway, it exists anyway, it is not passed without deciphering it. I also got criticism for using it. I use it, even though it is said that “when I cannot cope with the picture, it is a method to escape the ease of increasing expression by using red.” So I need expression.

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What do you think about the prices of original and original paintings?

I think that art should only exist in the public sphere and should not be considered as a commodity. When a price is charged on the painting, it is now a commodity and at that moment it becomes worthless and settles into a paradox. The sale is the transformation of that made into property. As soon as price art detaches from its context, the label is now filled according to the need for money of the maker. In short, supply / demand determines the price if the commodity is.

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Who should get your pictures?

I would like to share whatever I put on that canvas, no matter how much I put it, with those who can touch it, sales mean buying, my opinion is clear about the ownership of art. I'm old-fashioned, I don't want to use liberal motives.

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Which channels do you promote your pictures?

Currently available only on FovArt website. Therefore, how and in which medium the pictures will be used is at the initiative of FovArt.


We are very pleased to know you.

Thank you very much for your time.

You should definitely visit Eser Silistre exhibition!

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