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Hatice Bahattin Ceylan


Born in 1984 in Ankara, the artist graduated from Gazi University, Faculty of Vocational Education, Graphic Education Department. Then, he completed his master's degree in Gazi University Educational Sciences Institute Graphic Education Department, and completed his doctorate in Gazi University Educational Sciences Institute, Fine Arts Education Department of Painting Education. After 14 years of experience in the design industry, the artist continues to work as an academician in Düzce University in 2011 and in the Graphic Design Program of Sinop University Design Department since 2013. He has awards in design competitions and academic publications in the field of art / design. The artist, who takes part in domestic and international exhibitions with his works; His works are in the collection of the Cyprus Art Museum and the Cyprus Turkish History Museum. Artist's areas of expertise; packaging design and digital illustration.


“Excellent Cadaver”

It is a game in which surrealist artists play together and reflect their unconscious personalities by creating a kind of collective drawing composition with different bodies. According to them, this composition is a reflection of the perfection of the synthesis of different appearances and ideas, opposing the copying and imposition of physical properties. While the illustrations in this exhibition refer to the exceptional cadaver play, they aim to compose separate entities together and to show all the metaphors such as dangerous, tame, beautiful, ugly, frightening, cute in a work of art. In addition, while this exhibition expresses the perfect harmony of different living things, it is also a reflection of what hides behind beauty.

"The rights to copy, reproduce, distribute or use the related content of the related art work and the related content of the artwork belong to the artist. It is published in Fovart with the permission of the artist. Written permission from the artist is required to perform the above-mentioned acts."

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