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New Arrivals
The paintings of Gülay Er and İlkay Günerli are now in our store
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Nihal Türk Eşkinat'ın kurucusu olduğu Atölye 23A ilgi çeken etkinlik programıyla grup aktivitelerine başladı ! 

 5 Aralık Pazar, Eda Dereci önderliğinde, yılbaşı kartpostalları hazırlamak isteyenler kayıt yaptırabilirler. Kayıt için: info@fovart.com

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Eda Deveci

Mustafa Özel's painting uses the human body to question its contradictions with life! In today's art trend, where the human form is reduced to only shape, the human being takes ownership of his area of ​​existence. He uses vital traces rather than momentary expression, especially in his portraits, together with the relationship between form and feeling in his painting ..!

Original paintings and sketches to study the catalog , please request .


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You can now buy our works in our store with a credit card. Our process is a little different from the shopping you are used to. We work with iyzico for your safe shopping. After creating your order, don't forget to call us and request iyzilink!

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Fovart displays its original paintings in popular TV series.

You can buy our paintings displayed in the series Redemption, Innocent Apartment, Doctor, Miracle Doctor, The House You Were Born Is Your Fate, I Waited A Lot and New Life, and you can order similar ones. Make a place for art in your home with our original and certified works!


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