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Artist Interviews


Could you introduce yourself a little?

I graduated from Yıldız University Computer Department. After working as a manager in the automotive sector for many years, I have focused on my painting works since 2017.

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Are you open to criticism?

I see it as a lesson that will help me improve. I try to make a good art. That's why I like the reviews that will make a positive contribution to me ..


How do you decide on the content of your work?

I am listening to my heart, events and photos that I cannot suppress my excitement. Sometimes a song I listen to, a movie frame I watch wants to be portrayed as soon as possible. When this feeling overwhelms, it takes me a rush. The rush of starting and reaching the end as soon as possible, and then again looking for a new excitement. It continues like a cycle. Sometimes one picture sheds light on the other as it progresses.


What do you think the picture tells?

Much. I'm not exaggerating, the same picture can mean different things to you at different times of the same day. I also think that the language of the artwork should be understandable by everyone.


How would you describe the art of painting?

Art is generally a mutual exchange of feelings.

While creating the artist, he reflects his inner feelings to his work, the audience perceives this and they share the common feeling. I would like that what I feel while painting my painting will also be passed on to the other side.

Vazoda Çiçekler

What do you think about painting with order?

As a result, the painter reveals his own technique, colors and emotions in every painting. If the work that emerged together with a common decision satisfies both sides, I think it is okay.

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During your painting education, is there any event that you cannot forget and that leaves an impression on you?

Wouldn't it? I have big blunders I made during my ignorance period. But I will not explain here.


What do you think of those who say I can do this picture too?

The eye is an organ that can be trained. I know this from myself the most. Everyone who wants to start from somewhere should create this journey and adventure himself.


When did you start painting?

My interest in painting is very old, but my steps are very new in terms of education .. I have a long way.

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What kind of pictures do you make?

The stories I carried to my painting, the frames with people inside ...

I prefer to explain the person, woman, body, place in society and loneliness in the simplest way. I work more realistically in my portraits. I love the details and it is a pleasure to deal with them.

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Who are the painters you love and take as an example?

I like every painter who has his own signature. Of course, first of all, my dear teacher Mustafa Özel. Monet's light, Johannes Vermeer's realism, İbrahim Çallı's brush strokes have always impressed me.


What is your favorite picture and why?

I am thinking, I can say that it is my large-sized pictures ...


Does painting require skill?

Talent is always a plus. It speeds up the human development process. However, I think that willingness, motivation, patience and work are more important.


Why should an original painting be taken?

You only have one and one… isn't that enough pleasure? Not to mention that autographs are a great investment.


What are your recommendations for those who want to improve themselves in painting?

I suggest working hard, being brave, and not giving up trying.


What kind of mood do you have while producing your pictures?

It's very selfish, but the picture is about me, getting to know myself, how deep I can go and how far I can get out of my comfort zone. The hardest part is the starting phase.


What materials do you paint using?

I usually work with oil on canvas.

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Which painters did you work with in your education?

My adventure started with Meryem Tekke Başa. It has always encouraged me so much. Then I took advanced oil painting techniques from my teacher Erdal Kara at Mimar Sinan University and since 2019, I have been attending a very special artist Mustafa Özel Altamira Workshop.


What is your favorite color to use? Why is that?

Green and its tones give a different sense of depth ... Ahh and also alizarin ...


What do you think about the prices of original and original paintings?

Each painting has its own unique language. You value this language.


Who should get your pictures?

Those excited to see :)


Which channels do you promote your pictures?

Until this time, promotions were carried out with exhibitions and fairs. Art management in the world now passes through the web and social networks. I also use these channels. I attend online exhibitions.

I have a web page, and I post my posts from my instagram and facebook accounts.

gömlekli kız

We are very pleased to know you.

Thank you very much for your time.

You should definitely visit the Didem Birkon exhibition!

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